Thank you for attending the Business Tech Talks session: Rethinking Security in an Era of Advanced Threats, hosted by IT Solutions. A special thanks to our partner and guest speaker, Vinh Pham from Duo.

We hope this webinar brought some awareness to the evolving cybersecurity landscape, and the real risks you can impose on your small or mid-size business if the proper steps are not taken to prevent and protect against these growing threats.

To recap, here are some of the key takeaways from the session: 

  • Traditional network security practices can’t promise total protection
  • Email is the #1 attack vector
  • Cybersecurity requires multi-level, policy-driven practices
  • Evaluate your risks to determine advanced / additional levels of protection
  • User education is paramount to preventing an attack
  • Cybersecurity is a board or executive-level priority and requires regular review

The costs associated with an attack can be debilitating and extremely hard to bounce back from, so it’s critical to make security a priority. We encourage you to review and share this webinar recording across all levels of your organization so that everyone starts thinking about the modern-day approach to security.

If you have questions about the content covered on this webinar, or would like to discuss how one of our Business Tech Talk members can improve the security of your company, contact

Keep an eye out for the announcement of our next webcast scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th.


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