Thank you for joining CHIPS Technology Group Inc. and Business Tech Talks for a webinar on April 20th titled: Optimizing Employee Efficiency.

We hope you found this session not only informative, but useful to incorporate in your daily business endeavors.

During this webinar we discussed:

  • Challenges Facing Modern Business
  • Ways to Improve Employee Efficiency
  • Real-Time Collaboration Solutions
  • Improved Communication
  • Automating Manual Tasks
  • Empowering Your Employees with the Data They Need
  • Creating a Connected Company

In case you missed the live webinar, would like to view the session again or share it with a colleague/friend, you can view the recording below as well as the Q&A from this session.

Q: Are there any security concerns I should be thinking about with the free sharing of documents and information?

What’s important to know is that the security on this data and on these documents is protected through its entire lifecycle. So what I mean by that is if you go into Delve, it’s never going to surface a document that you don’t have permission to view, even if it’s by somebody who you work with and collaborate with every day. If you don’t have access to view that document, you’re not going to get it. Same thing with PowerBI, if you’re pulling real time data from a database, that data is not going to show in your dashboard if it’s not something you have access to, or you can even control what people can see, so maybe you give someone high level access but don’t let them look at the details. Those types of security controls are very important.

Q: What type of expertise do we need to deploy and manage these solutions?

The things I showed you, were relatively simple applications to get up and running on. There’s certainly some expertise around data manipulation, and some database experience required. I tried to focus on things that were pretty end user friendly, and business friendly so you didn’t have to bring in the big guns, you don’t have to bring in someone with an MBA and 8 years of experience to try and drill into your data. There are a lot of excellent, what I call, point solutions out there to meet real business challenges that we should be looking for outside of our normal comfort zone that are readily available and readily accessible without bringing huge expertise from the outside.

Q: Will Slack work across domains similar to Skype For Business?

Absolutely. The way Slack works is you invite people by their email address, and once that person logs in, they become a part of my Slack team. You can go higher up the stack, meaning you can go single sign on and integrated security, but at the basic level you can invite someone without any sort of AD integration, without having to worry about their security credentials, but you control their security inside of Slack. In Skye for Business they call it Federation, Slack it’s just built natively like that. I can invite anyone from any organization.

Q: How does PowerBI pull the data from ATS/CRM/Excel?

There are connectors for making data connections. Essentially, there is a wizard you run through that will pull the data or connect to the data source, so whether that is a database or excel file. So in excel for example, you would start the wizard, choose connect to data and you just point to the excel file and it will suck the data in and understand the rows and fields and the makeup of the data. Same thing with a database.

Q: How do I handle mobile users and data leaving my four walls?

It is important to know that your corporate data could be available to people on tablets, on laptops, on mobile devices. So you need to be thinking about that upfront. So that means solutions like mobile device management, were you can remotely wipe out data, encryption, full disk encryption on laptops, that’s critically important. Your data is going to be out there floating around, you need to know once it makes its way to another platform, and it is potentially available outside of what we’ll call your base corporate cocoon. So the traditional firewall, intrusion detection and VPN are just not enough to protect your data anymore. You’re implementing new business solutions, you need to be thinking about new business technologies. Things like mobile device management, disk encryption, and secure key exchange, are all very important to think about.

Q: What’s the best way to get started with the type of business intelligence you spoke about?

The best way to get started is to take a few steps back and think about the type of data available to your organization. So what systems and platforms are you using every day that you’re putting data into that you need to get better intelligence out of? So again that’s the systems I talk about, it could be a retail point of sales system, a CRM, an ERP, or it could just be an excel sheet of log files, whichever system you use, you need to take a couple steps back and think about what’s the data that goes in there, and how do I need to get it out? Understand the way the data is configured, shaped, how it’s entered, and how you want to extract it, and then start playing around with some of these tools. Maybe the first step before PowerBI is to use some of the cool new pivot charts and tables available in the new version of Excel. You’ll be amazed when you realize what you can do.


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