Thank you for joining Acropolis Technology Group and Business Tech Talks for a webinar on March 16th titled: Professional Behavior to Keep from Becoming Infected by Malware, Spyware and Viruses.

We hope this session provided you with some useful information you can use everyday while you navigate this minefield known as the Internet.

During this webinar we discussed:

  • Malware, Spyware, Viruses, Ransomware and the difference between them
  • How layers of security protect you while you browse the Internet and read e-mail
  • How to recognize potentially dangerous web sites and pop ups
  • Ways to manage e-mail and attachments that minimize your risk of becoming infected
  • Lastly we discussed the proper way to import media from thumb drives and external storage into your system

In case you missed the live webinar, would like to view the presentation again or share it with a colleague or friend, you can access the recording below as well as the Q&A from this session.

Q: Is their an Anti-Virus Program that will protect against known ransomware attacks?

Yes and No.  If it is a known piece of ransomware most AV programs will have it’s signature and will protect you from it.  The problem is this type of threat is constantly changing so as soon as the AV companies incorporate the signature, a new variant is out and can get through.  The best defense is to avoid it by using the strategies outlined in the webinar.

Q: Generally is it OK to forward a suspicious e-mail to my IT team to check its legitimacy? Or can this potentially infect them too?

Yes it is generally OK to forward those e-mails to your IT team.  We have process and procedures for inspecting these messages and opening them in a “Sand Box” where they cannot infect any other systems if they are malicious.

Q: What if certain users need access to specific websites like social media but I want to block others from potential threats?

Usually a business class firewall that utilizes a Unified Threat Management engine can help mitigate this risk, by allowing granular user access control to websites and packet inspection to scan for threats as users browse the Internet.

Q: I have a question> About the preview — i turned off the single line preview just as you suggested. Now this is what it looks like I have 3 panes. One is inbox/folders. Two is email titles. Third is a preview window of the entire email. How do I turn that off?

You can shut that off by clicking off, under the “Reading Pane” icon on the view tab ribbon bar.


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